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The ISOPAX® Network gives you choice. You choose just what you need.

The ISOPAX® Network provides immediate centralized access to, and seamless integration with, the largest premium audit vendor community in the United States. ISOPAX is the fastest and most efficient automated method of distributing audit orders to and from the vendor community. More than 45 premium audit vendors currently participate in the ISOPAX Network.

All vendors participating in the network have demonstrated experience preparing premium audit reports in compliance with ISO, NCCI, and independent state bureau manual rules and with customer requirements specific to each ISOPAX customer. ISOPAX customers specify their vendor performance requirements when they create their ISOPAX account. Those requirements generally include specifications related to time service, status or progress reporting, nonproductive requirements, and any other requirement that may be specific to the customer. All vendors deliver completed physical and telephone audits through ISOPAX in PDF format. Audits must be in English, typed, comprehensible, and in a professional premium audit format.

Customers can define vendor selection and geographic distribution of audits through ISOPAX. As the customer or ISO enters new audit orders into ISOPAX, either as individual orders or in volume through batch ordering, the system immediately distributes vendor assignments according to predetermined customer distribution parameters. The system modifies parameters easily, so customers have continuous assurance that they’re always distributing audit orders to the best-performing vendors in the network.

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. . . on the ISOPAX Network, send your inquiry to isopaxinfo@iso.com. If you’re interested in joining the ISOPAX Network, please contact ISO to get in touch with an ISOPAX representative, or call us at 1-210-204-8132.